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LaToscana offers classic & modern styles for your bath & kitchen needs. Creating products where the beauty of the style is essential and follows the ultimate trends, mixing the refined old fashion with the newest finishing shapes. All LaToscana faucets & accessory orders over $99 ship for free!

Latoscana Vessel Sink Faucets LaToscana Bathroom Faucets LaToscana Morgana Bathroom Faucets LaToscana Novello Bathroom Faucets
Latoscana Vessel Sink Faucets
 LaToscana Bathroom Faucets
 LaToscana Morgana Bathroom Faucets
 LaToscana Novello Bathroom Faucets
LaToscana Ornellaia Bathroom Faucets LaToscana Elba Bathroom Faucets LaToscana Thermostatic Systems LaToscana Shower Components
LaToscana Ornellaia Bathroom Faucets
 LaToscana Elba Bathroom Faucets
 LaToscana Thermostatic Systems
 LaToscana Shower Components
Latoscana Vessel Sinks LaToscana Atlanta Bathroom Accessories LaToscana England Bathroom Accessories LaToscana Square Bathroom Accessories
Latoscana Vessel Sinks
 LaToscana Atlanta Bathroom Accessories
 LaToscana England Bathroom Accessories
 LaToscana Square Bathroom Accessories
Latoscana Furniture LaToscana Botero Kitchen Faucets LaToscana DaVinci Kitchen Faucets LaToscana Dax Kitchen Faucets
Latoscana Furniture
 LaToscana Botero Kitchen Faucets
 LaToscana DaVinci Kitchen Faucets
 LaToscana Dax Kitchen Faucets
LaToscana Donatello Kitchen Faucets LaToscana Petrarca Kitchen Faucets LaToscana Elba Kitchen Faucets LaToscana Firenze Kitchen Faucets
LaToscana Donatello Kitchen Faucets
 LaToscana Petrarca Kitchen Faucets
 LaToscana Elba Kitchen Faucets
 LaToscana Firenze Kitchen Faucets
La Toscana Dante Kitchen Faucets LaToscana Old Fashion Kitchen Faucets LaToscana Giotto Kitchen Faucets LaToscana Kitchen Faucets
La Toscana Dante Kitchen Faucets
 LaToscana Old Fashion Kitchen Faucets
 LaToscana Giotto Kitchen Faucets
 LaToscana Kitchen Faucets
Latoscana Tub and Shower Faucets Latoscana Shower Faucets Latosacana Roman Tub Faucets
Latoscana Tub and Shower Faucets
 Latoscana Shower Faucets
 Latosacana Roman Tub Faucets

DPO for all your Latoscana Design needs!

LaToscana by Paini

LaToscana by Paini is an example of how a strong company is built. Starting from a little craft made factory in 1954, LaToscana in 50 years has become one of the leading companies in it's industry. By the end of the Sixties LaToscana reached the size of a small company. It became a joint-stock company in 1972 and found it was necessary to build a more modern and advanced plant next to the existing facility. Today, employing close to 400 employees LaToscana by Paini continues to strive for excellence.